We’re looking forward to the launch of PSLV-C45!

C45 is our first launch of the year on the PSLV (Polar Sun Launch Vehicle)! Launch campaigns are all about teamwork across organizations. No matter what organization you belong to, we are all part of the C45 mission. It’s always a fantastic experience to get to know the other customer teams on the mission, Antrix/ISRO, and all the wonderful staff at the guest house where we stay in India for this launch. There’s always the need to be flexible and responsive to changes, and we really love working with the Antrix/ISRO team to work through any pop-up issues and make things happen.

It was the first experience in India and with the PSLV team for all but one of the people on our customer’s Astrocast-02 team that came for final preparations of their spacecraft. It was a pleasure to see how much they enjoyed the entire experience here, unlike any other. We also appreciated the great cooperation we have with the ISL team whose dispensers we are using on this mission.

Of course, the reason we’re all here is to get our customers’ spacecraft integrated and ready for launch, but there’s also fun adventures in the down-time. For this launch campaign, some of the ladies who work on base taught us to count to five in Teluguru, we explored the temples in Mahabalipuram, and we even got to drive a tuk tuk!

Read more about this launch in our press release here.

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