Welcome to NewSpace 2016

We couldn’t be happier to be a sponsor of the NewSpace 2016 conference, held here in Seattle this week. This is an exciting time for space innovation, and the speakers, sponsors and attendees of NewSpace will be driving the major innovations in the commercial space industry in the years to come.

newspace16-logoIt is fitting that NewSpace has been brought to Seattle for the first time. Seattle has long been known as a hub for aerospace innovation, and the city’s deep pool of talent in engineering and tech innovation has made it the natural headquarters for many in the commercial space industry, Spaceflight Industries included.

The conference brings together the best and brightest in private and public space technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. There is no other place that government agencies, startups and legacy aerospace companies all come together to talk about the business of space and brainstorm solutions to the new challenges – and opportunities – that are arising.

We’re in great company here: the new guard of Vulcan Aerospace, Bigelow Aerospace, Blue Origin, Planetary Resources as well as space exploration stalwarts like Aerojet Rocketdyne and NASA. And we can’t say enough about the Space Frontier Federation who brought in forward thinking investors like Space Angels to grow the business of space. It’s a fantastic group to be associated with, and we’re looking forward to seeing many familiar faces and sharing ideas — and perhaps even a beer or two.

As so many people descend on our city this week from all over the world, they will see Seattle in new light. While the most prominent symbol of Seattle is the Space Needle, we also think is proof that we were looking ahead to the stars even 60 years ago. It’s a fitting symbol for this conference. As our predecessors, we are looking ahead to the next 60. The sky is not the limit.

Welcome to NewSpace!

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