Unique New Missions: Filling Up Fast!

We are proud to be the leader in providing end-to-end rideshare missions for customers, and getting payloads to orbit as cost-effective as possible. Lately, we’ve seen a significant demand for custom orbits and less common inclinations – and wanted to highlight a few of these exciting new missions that you can book today.

If you’re looking for something beyond the typical “milk run” to SSO, these missions are booking up fast. Don’t miss out – contact the team at sales@spaceflight.com if you’re interested in learning more.

  • Mid-Inclination Mission: 
    • When: Q2/Q3 2023
    • Details: Mid-Inclination missions can be hard to find, but serve an important purpose for many of our customers. This mission is targeting an Inclination of 40-60 degrees and an Altitude of 400-600km.
    • Suited for: 
      • Organizations, such as Earth observation providers, who want a greater range of observation windows than typical SSOs.
      • Those with price sensitivity; small launchers provide great value and unmatched flexibility.
  • Dawn/Dusk Mission: 
    • When: Q3/Q4 2023
    • Details: The Dawn/Dusk orbit provides constant illumination to customer satellites with power-hungry payloads. The target destination is an Altitude of 500-600km.
    • Suited for: 
      • Sun-observing missions as it allows for constant observation of the sun.
      • Hosted payloads that need to cost-effectively test new capabilities.
  • Sherpa OTV Mission: 
    • When: Q2/Q3 2023
    • Details: This propulsive Sherpa mission is capable of deploying payloads anywhere between an Altitude of 250-1400km. It grants access to lower and higher orbits not served by typical rideshare missions. 
    • Suited for:  
      • Constellation operators and those who want a complement to typical rideshare missions with additional crossing times. 
      • Hosted payloads who want to launch tech demo payloads at lower cost than typical smallsat deployment.

Looking for a different, custom orbit or launch schedule? We have many opportunities in the works. At Spaceflight, we can get you where you want to go, when you want to get there. Tell us where you want to go! 

Contact sales@spaceflight.com to ask questions or get a quote.

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