SXRS-5: 100% Mission Success!

We’ve confirmed 100% success in the deployment of all 36 spacecraft on today’s SXRS-5 / SpaceX Transporter-2 launch. Both Sherpa OTVs executed their primary missions flawlessly. Now Sherpa-LTE1 can begin its secondary mission of running a series of maneuver tests with the electric propulsion which will provide valuable insights before Sherpa-LTC, our chemical propulsion OTV, launches later this year.

Congratulations to our 14 customers with spacecraft onboard the SXRS-5 mission today: Aerospacelab, Astrocast, HawkEye 360, In-Space Missions, Kleos Space, Loft Orbital, Lynk Global, NearSpace Launch, OQ Technology, Orbit Fab, Orbital Sidekick, Spire Global, Swarm Technologies, and one undisclosed organization.

“We couldn’t be more proud of everyone’s hard work to make this mission a total success. Not only were there many firsts with advancing Spaceflight’s next-gen OTV program, we’ve made significant progress on delivering on our vision to offer the most solutions to meet our customers’ needs for reaching unique orbital destinations. We’re looking forward to our next mission already!” said Tony Frego, mission director for Spaceflight’s SXRS-5 mission.

SXRS-5 marks Spaceflight’s 41st mission, sending 384 smallsats to space over the years. Here’s a quick recap if you missed it, or if you’re like us, and just want to enjoy it over and over again!

Photo credit: John Kraus
Photo credit: John Pisani
Full livestream of the SXRS-5 / SpaceX Transporter-2 launch.
Watch the separation of Spaceflight’s Sherpa-FX2 and Sherpa-LTE1 from the SpaceX Falcon 9, just four seconds apart.

We loved hearing from our customers as they made contact with their satellites. It was a fun day on Twitter too!

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