SXRS-3: Taking a closer look

We are very excited about our upcoming SXRS-3 mission, dubbed Transporter-1 by SpaceX, launching on a Falcon 9 and scheduled to fly no earlier than January 2021. Besides the thrill of taking 16 customer spacecraft to space, it will also be the debut of the first of our Sherpa-NG (NextGen) orbital transfer vehicles – Sherpa-FX. Take a look at some of the specs of this mission:

Watch the video below for a preview of our SXRS-3 mission:

Stay tuned for launch timing details so you can watch the livestream as SXRS-3 takes off for orbit. Our team couldn’t be prouder. It’s the start of something big.

If you are interested in getting more details about the technical specs of the Sherpa-FX (or of our propulsive OTVs, Sherpa-LTC and Sherpa-LTE are scheduled to fly mid-2021), and want to know more about how they can get your smallsat to space, on budget and on time, email us at

Keith Pereira, left, hands over the Celestis payload to Spaceflight Mission Manager Mike Coletti at the company’s integration facility in Auburn, WA in advance of the SXRS-3 launch.
Spaceflight’s Sherpa-FX orbital transfer vehicle pre integration
Artist rendering of Spaceflight’s Sherpa-FX orbital transfer vehicle with customer spacecraft.
Mission Patch for SXRS-3

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