Spaceflight is at the Small Payload Ride Share Symposium!

Spaceflight Industries is proud to be the host of the Small Payload Ride Share Symposium at the Museum of Flight on June 7-9. Spaceflight President Curt Blake kicked off the conference with opening remarks on the emergence of dedicated rideshare and the exciting future of the industry. 



With two aerospace conferences coming to Seattle in June, it is an exciting time to be a part of the NewSpace community in the Pacific Northwest. While Boeing makes the headlines, and rightfully so with their century long track record, satellites, launch vehicles, and private space exploration is beginning to cement itself into the Seattle business environment with local companies such as yours truly, Planetary Resources, Blue Origin, and newcomers Kepler Communication all seeing growth in the region. Not only that, but private companies are beginning to build deeper partnerships with the U.S. government, as seen by the government focused Small Payload Rideshare Conference coming to the Museum of Flight this week.

Our BD team has grown since teaming with Millennium Engineering and Integration company nearly two years ago and with formalizing our launch services GSA launch services contract, but the best part about this growth has been the adding taking on new missions, new customers, and new employees. Space isn’t easy, but it is tons of fun.

Onwards and upwards!

By Phil Brzytwa, Director of Business Development, Spaceflight



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