Spaceflight Industries to Manufacture Sinclair Rods

Spaceflight Industries (Spaceflight) today announced today they have signed an exclusive agreement with Sinclair Interplanetary (Sinclair) of
Toronto, Canada to begin selling and manufacturing Sinclair’s highly popular torque rods.

Under the agreement,  Spaceflight will take over manufacturing the Sinclair TQ-15 and TQ-40  torque rod products and their variants, which are ideal for spacecraft weighing between 30 and 180 kg.

“Sinclair Interplanetary has long been known as a preeminent supplier of high-performance aerospace products for the small satellite market,” said Jason Spaceflight, President and CEO of Spaceflight Industries.  “We are excited to be working with Doug and his team to expand the manufacturing base of these products.”

“We have delivered more than 70 flight torque rods in the past 5 years,” said Doug Sinclair, owner of Sinclair Interplanetary.  “By transferring their manufacture to Spaceflight, we can focus our efforts on the development of our next generation reaction wheel and star tracker products.”

Following a technology transfer between the two companies, Spaceflight Industries will begin manufacturing the torque rods and offer them for sale as part of their Products portfolio. All Spaceflight Products are built domestically in the United States using Spaceflight’ AS9100C certified quality procedures for spaceflight hardware.

“We look forward to supporting Sinclair’s existing customers as well as growing the US and overseas market footprint for these products,” said Melissa Wuerl, head of New Business for Spaceflight Industries.  “We expect that US manufactured torque rods will be available for delivery starting mid-2013.”

About Spaceflight Industries

Spaceflight Industries, Inc. was founded in 1999 to be a catalyst in the commercialization and development of space. The company is an affordable integrator of aerospace systems and developer of advanced space technologies. To learn more, please visit:

About Sinclair Interplanetary

Founded in 2001, Sinclair Interplanetary supplies attitude determination and control components for small spacecraft.  There are currently 16 satellites on-orbit carrying Sinclair equipment, with many more awaiting launch.  To learn more, please visit:

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