Spaceflight Inc. Highlighted in “Uncommon Thinkers” Campaign

Spaceflight was recently featured in an impressive ad campaign about innovation. The campaign — called “Uncommon Thinkers Welcome” — features a fast-paced video tour of assorted businesses in the greater Seattle area, the work they do and the products they make as its centerpiece. It puts the spotlight on how the Seattle region’s business scene is anything but common.

We think they’ve nailed it — it’s a “region that makes it the perfect place to work, to build your ideas, to live, and to change the world. Nowhere else will you find a place that’s ambitious, innovative, and business-minded while at the same time wild, nonconformist, and a bit unconventional.”

Check out our segment at the :09sec mark!

We’re very fortunate to be selected from all the truly amazing companies in the area. Big thanks to the teams at Greater Seattle Partners and Mekanism for spending the day with us on the video shoot. Here are a few behind-the-scenes highlights of the day.

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