Spaceflight, Inc. Contracts with Andrews for Ten US Built EZPODs

Spaceflight, Inc (Spaceflight) contracted with Spaceflight Industries (Spaceflight) for the delivery of ten (10) US fabricated EZPOD CubeSat dispensers.

In October 2012 Spaceflight signed an agreement with ISIS of the Netherlands to begin manufacturing a US version of the ISIPOD, branded the EZPOD, in the United States. The EZPOD is designed to accommodate spacecraft that conform to the Cal Poly P-POD spacecraft envelope while offering a lower-cost, domestically produced alternative to that dispenser.  The EZPOD can support up to a 6kg spacecraft mass with internal dimensions of 10x10x34 (cm3) and is qualified across a variety of launch vehicles.

An ISIS build ISIPOD was recently used to successfully deploy the Surrey Satellite STRanD-1 CubeSat earlier this week from an Indian PSLV.  The STRanD-1 spacecraft is currently operating in Low Earth Orbit and will later demonstrate the first use of a smart phone to control a spacecraft.

The initial ten units will be used by Spaceflight on upcoming secondary payload missions.  Spaceflight will deliver the first units in May of this year.

Spaceflight currently offers additional EZPOD units on its website at a list price of $35,000 USD for a single unit, bulk discounts available.  More information on the dispensers can be found at:

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