Mission at-a-glance:

  • Customers: Hawkeye 360, Astrocast, Aerospacelab, In-Space Missions, Kleos Space, Loft Orbital, Lynk Global, NearSpace Launch, OQ Technology, Orbit Fab, Orbital Sidekick, Spire Global, Swarm Technologies, undisclosed
  • Launch Vehicle: SpaceX Falcon 9
  • Launch Location:  Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida
  • Total spacecraft: 38
  • Notable: Spaceflight will launch two Sherpa OTVs, including the industry’s first-ever electric propulsion OTV (Sherpa-LTE1)

Spaceflight Inc. launched 38 customer payloads to Sun Synchronous orbit aboard the SpaceX Transporter-2 mission on Wednesday, June 30, 2021, marking its 41st mission. The company purchased three ports on the mission, dubbed ‘SXRS-5’ by Spaceflight, and managed the launch integration and mission management services for 38 payloads, including microsatellites, cubesats and a hosted payload.

The mission also represented the first time the company flew two different orbital transportation vehicles (OTVs) and the launch of the industry’s first-ever electric propulsion vehicle, Sherpa-LTE1.

This brings Spaceflight’s total number of spacecraft launched to 384. That’s a lot of smallsats!


Sherpa-FX2 and Sherpa-LTE1 poised for deployment

Sherpa-FX2 and Sherpa-LTE1 separates successfully 4 seconds apart.

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