Kristen Smithson

Vice President, Business Operations
Kristen Smithson

Kristen Smithson is an industry veteran and Vice President of Business Operations at Spaceflight. She thrives on creating effective processes that Spaceflight to be flexible and responsive within a rapidly evolving business environment. She looks at operations across all our business groups, clearing bottlenecks and improves processes and procedures so all team members can do their jobs more efficiently. She was a key member of our SSO-A team, and worked with the entire mission management team to get a record number of customer missions to space.

Prior to Spaceflight, Ms. Smithson worked for NASA as an instructor on the ISS program, training crews on thermal and electrical systems, and was a flight controller in Mission Control. She received her MBA from Vanderbilt, with a focus on strategy and human and organizational performance.

In her free time, she can often be found skiing, biking with her husband, and introducing her son to the great outdoors.

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