Jeffrey Roberts

Senior Director of Mission Management
Jeffrey Roberts

Jeffrey Roberts is an Army veteran and a commercial space professional who leads all of Spaceflight’s mission management. He was the Mission Director for Spaceflight’s historic SSO-A launch, coordinating teams of engineers throughout the planning, design, integration, and launch of the most complex missions in Spaceflight’s history. At Spaceflight, he leads a team of experienced mission managers to execute launch campaigns globally on behalf of Spaceflight customers.

A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, he has served in combat theaters overseas, commanded an Infantry Battalion in the National Guard, and now works as a Space Operations Officer in the Army Reserves. Jeff is passionate about keeping the citizens of the United States and its allies safe, and the advancement of mankind into the frontiers of our solar system.

When not working, Jeff stays busy with the activities of his wife and five kids.  He enjoys reading, sports, and outdoor activities.

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