Devon Papandrew

Vice President of Business Operations
Devon Papandrew

Devon Papandrew is Spaceflight’s VP of Business Operations and is tasked with architecting profitable and successful missions that make the most sense for our customers. He works closely with our business development, mission management, and engineering teams, as well as our vendors and launch providers, to ensure we can matchmake our customers’ spacecraft with ideal launches.  By working with all groups and the leadership team, he keeps an eye on the bigger picture, making sure processes are streamlined and efficient, and that competitive and sustainable pricing is always in focus. He’s passionate about the space industry, the economies of scale that rideshare delivers, and is always looking for opportunities to disrupt the status quo. Working the SSO-A mission has been a highlight for him, watching what was possible come to fruition. 

Prior to Spaceflight, Devon was the founder of a software startup that provided mobile energy efficiency analysis, and built securities trading software for banks and other institutions. 

When not changing the game for commercial spaceflight, Devon can usually be found in the great outdoors, hiking, skiing, or camping. A former college football player, he still loves the game but got his fill of team sports, and typically isn’t following any pro teams on Sundays.

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