Adam Hadaller

Chief Engineer
Adam Hadaller

As Chief Engineer, Adam Hadaller is in charge of all mission assurance. He reviews each mission for feasibility, and makes sure our customers are meeting all technical requirements of our launch vehicle partners. He verifies compliance, and helps translate requirements, giving feedback and advice to help customers reach their goals. Adam also works with all our hardware vendors, making sure all hardware is meeting our standards, and oversees all integration. He shapes all of Spaceflight’s development projects, with innovative approaches to harnesses and sequencers, making the most flexible launch options possible for our customers.

Prior to Spaceflight, Adam served in the U.S. Marines. He’s passionate about the space industry and enjoys Spaceflight’s ability to shape the industry by bring smallsats and their capabilities to the forefront.

When he is not pushing the boundaries of the technical aspects of launch, Adam can often be found in the Pacific Northwest wilderness, hunting or camping with his family.

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