Sherpa OTV Webinar Recap, Podcast Available

Big thanks to all of you who stopped by and watched our webinar “Sherpa OTV: A Closer Look” that we hosted with Via Satellite today! It’s exciting to see so much interest in our orbital transfer vehicle strategy and progress.

If you missed it, you can view the recording here. You’ll hear Spaceflight’s VP of Engineering Philip Bracken walk through the modular plug-and-play subsystems in the Sherpa OTV program and provide a closer look at the technology and the capabilities behind the ground-breaking program.

Philip also recently was interviewed on the Main Engine Cut Off podcast, and talked at length about the technical capabilities of the Sherpa-NG program. Add it to your playlist or listen to the podcast here.

Here’s more commentary from Philip on Spaceflight’s next gen Sherpa program and its modular design:

And a bit more on our electric propulsive version of Sherpa (LTE1), which will be flying on SpaceX’s Transporter-2 mission soon:

If you have questions about the Sherpa-OTV program, send them to us via Twitter at @spaceflightinc or email at We’ll be sure to respond quickly.

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