SmallSat Webinar: Sherpa OTV Capabilities and SXRS-5 Results

Join us (virtually) at SmallSat2021 for a live webinar Aug. 10 at 11am PT about our next-gen Sherpa program.

We’ll be sharing how the modular design of our Sherpa program enables our engineers to quickly customize the OTVs with different propulsion systems and subsystems to deliver highly varied capabilities to meet customers’ unique needs for orbital deployment. By mixing modular subsystems including Sherpa’s propulsion and command-and-control operations, we’ve been able to quickly tailor them to the demands of a given mission, customer, or application. 

Spaceflight’s Sherpa OTV carrying customer payloads separates from Transporter-2 on its SXRS-5 mission.

We’ll also be sharing results from our last mission, SXRS-5 which took two Sherpa OTVs to space including Sherpa-LTE1, the industry’s first electric propulsive space tug. We’ll also share a look forward to SXRS-6, which will feature two more Sherpa OTVs including the inaugural flight of Sherpa-LTC1, our chemical propulsive OTV, along with a sneak peek at future missions and capabilities.

If you’re doing the math with us, that means we have already launched 3 Sherpa OTVs in the first six months of 2021, and are planning to fly two more no earlier than December. These 5 Sherpa vehicles span all of the current variations, including Sherpa-FX, Sherpa-LTE and a Sherpa-LTC, proving our vision for rapid prototyping and kickoff to flight in less than six months was achievable.

Read more about each Sherpa OTV or download the following tech spec sheet. 

Sherpa Technical Spec Sheet: Download here.

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