Your Mission is Our Mission

Your Mission is Our Mission

We serve our customers throughout the launch process from identifying the best launch opportunity, preparing your spacecraft, and ensuring it is launched into orbit. Rest assured, we’ll handle the details so you can focus on your mission.




We’ll identify the available launches and launch vehicles to find the best one to suit your needs, within your budget and timeframe. We work with nearly every launch vehicle provider on the planet, with capabilities to launch everything from a CubeSat to a 2000 kilogram micro-satellite.




We have the expertise and experience to facilitate the complex licensing requirements for launch. This includes handling export licenses for foreign launches and complying with ever-changing FCC or ITAR regulations. Our team is one of the most experienced at handling the wide range of licenses required.




Our commercial firm fixed pricing for launch and integration services includes all flight hardware support equipment necessary to successfully integrate, launch, and deploy your spacecraft on orbit. Each launch vehicle is different – we can handle all payload integration necessary. We can also handle custom attachments and adjust to changing spacecraft technologies.




Before your satellite can be integrated into a launch vehicle, it has to get to the launch site. Transporting a satellite is a little more complicated than sending a package via UPS. We’ll help you choose the best shipping container for your spacecraft, make sure it’s ready to handle temperature, moisture or air pressure changes during flight or shipping, and how to ensure a successful unpacking process at the launch site.



Photo Credit: ISRO


Our team is very familiar with all launch facilities and can guide you through the exciting events of launch day, from lift-off to the deployment of your spacecraft. We’ll keep you informed and up to date on all launch day logistics, including deployment and the initial communications with your spacecraft. Our deep experience with launch providers means you don’t have to worry and can focus on communications with your spacecraft.


This Spaceflight Mission Planning Guide provides general information to spacecraft providers who will launch their spacecraft using Spaceflight’s services. It includes descriptions of the various flight support hardware, interfaces, capabilities, launch environments, policies and top level processes we use to manifest and deliver your spacecraft to orbit.

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