SEOPS-3/NG-15: Mission Success!

Sometimes the time from launch to getting a customer’s satellite on orbit is a crazy whirlwind of minutes or hours…and sometimes it is a slow burn of several months. Such is the case with our SEOPS-3 mission, which began its journey back in February, with the launch of Northrop Grumman’s Antares rocket, with three Spaceflight customer payloads including Gunsmoke-J. They made it to the International Space Station and waited patiently for the Cygnus to de-berth and move to a new orbit to deploy them.

We’re please to announce that this week, the mission was accomplished.

Here you can see the robotic arm of the ISS helping the Cygnus on its way, along with our customer payloads, which were deployed successfully. Our customers have made contact with all satellites and we are happy to report 100% mission success for this innovative launch and deployment!

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