Introducing ‘Book My Launch’ and ‘Mission Control’ – Our Latest Digital Initiatives

We debuted two new digital initiatives during SmallSat 2020 last week – both aimed at giving our customers maximum flexibility and convenience for launch.

The first is Book My Ride, which you can find on the home page of For the first time, you can book a launch for your cubesate or microsat 24/7 from your computer with only a credit card. The simple but elegant interface lets you choose your orbit preference, launch date, satellite specifics, and all the other relevant data. Take a look as our VP of Strategic Initiatives, Kristen Smithson, provides a walk through:

Next up is Mission Control. It’s our new secure online portal for customers to manage every aspect of their launch, and keep track of all their critical documents, tasks, and milestones for their mission. It makes communication with mission managers a breeze and keeps missions organized, and on schedule. Here’s a closer look:

At Spaceflight, we are focused on delivering launch flexibility to our customers. We want our customers to be in control of their launch, and even have the option to switch to another launch if delays occur, right from their computer. Book My Launch and Mission Control are two of the innovative tools Spaceflight has developed to make getting to orbit as easy as possible.

Book My Ride