Rideshare Missions Put Smallsats First

Spaceflight’s upcoming flagship mission on Falcon 9, SSO-A, is the culmination of years of preparation. It’s our first fully dedicated rideshare mission, and the largest single rideshare mission on a U.S. based launch vehicle to date.  At Spaceflight, we aren’t just a launch broker – we are a launch integrator that will help ensure our customers’ satellites reach orbit. Launch is not just about finding the lowest priced launch – customers need to make sure they can get integrated onto the rocket, successfully launched, and their satellites safely deployed.

Launching satellites is a daunting, time-consuming, stressful process. Our customers are also worried about satellite operation, payload performance, and revenue generation once the satellite is up on orbit. Launch is not only rocket science, but a mountain of paperwork to keep in compliance with countless technical, legal, and financial requirements. Our customers rely on us for this expertise. The value in the smallsat industry is in the data, and our customers are focused on deploying cutting edge sensors to create data driven applications and services. It’s our job to make launch less of a burden and instead a smooth ride.

When we run rideshare missions, whether a customer is building their first satellite or their 50th satellite, Spaceflight has them covered. Our team consists of technical subject matter experts, with plenty of experience in the launch industry (SpaceX, OrbitalATK, Lockheed Martin, etc.), who will go that extra mile to get a customer’s satellite  launched. Unsure about the design of a test plan? We’ve built and executed hundreds of ICDs. Need help optimizing an orbit lifetime? Let our orbital mechanic specialists pitch in. First time navigating ITAR? We have staff experts and outside legal counsel to help get customers and their spacecraft through the process.

We always work with our launch partners to let them concentrate on what matters, a safe and functional rocket. We take care of customer service in a way not always reserved for smallsats so the roughly 70+ satellites on SSO-A get first class treatment. We focus on the customers so the launch vehicle providers can concentrate on the rocket and our spacecraft customers can concentrate on building and deploying a reliable and functional satellite.


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