Kjell Karlsen

“Flexibility is a key differentiator…Spaceflight has demonstrated their flexibility in launch timing and availability across multiple vehicles…we’re looking forward to working with Spaceflight to continue to efficiently build out our constellation in orbit.”


Spaceflight’s Sherpa family of space vehicles continues the tradition of the company’s first orbital free flyers on the historic SSO-A mission which successfully deployed 64 unique spacecraft over 6 hours. It represented the most small satellites ever launched on a United States launch vehicle (a Falcon 9 out of Vandenberg Air Force Base, Dec. 2018). … Continued

Imtiaz Bahadur

“Spaceflight was the best equipped to help us with the physical launch itself as well as all the paperwork and verification that is necessary. The total package offered by Spaceflight was a better value than anybody else out there.”

Dr. Suwat Kuntanapreeda

“Spaceflight has made our historic mission possible – the first satellite entirely built by Thai university students. They took us every step of the way.”

Curt Blake

“We provide payload rideshare opportunities similar to how Expedia sells airline tickets. Making it easy and affordable is key to lowering the entry barriers to this market.”

Tony Frego

“Throughout our years of launching with domestic and international launch vehicles, we always take care to ensure the successful and safe delivery of our customers’ valuable spacecraft.”

Grant Bonin

“We need to have a lot of launch vehicle options. The wide range of vehicles Spaceflight provides access to and support is unequaled by anyone else.”

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