Our Community Rocks!

We put out the word last week that we wanted to hear how you are supporting your communities impacted by COVID-19 and wow, did you DELIVER! As a thanks, we’re sending limited edition “mission patch” stickers to people who responded.

Here are a few of our favorites stories. We couldn’t be more impressed and grateful for all the thoughtful acts. (Responses have been lightly edited for clarity.)

Flowers from Pike Place Market that went to a local senior center.

I organized 78 of my friends and raised $1650 to buy flowers from Pike Place Market flower farmers and are working with Aegis to have bouquets delivered safely to their 13 nursing homes for residents who are confined to their apartments. Double whammy supporting businesses and some of our most vulnerable population at this time.

I donated to Direct Relief. Per their website, in the U.S., Direct Relief is delivering protective masks – along with exam gloves, isolation gowns, and other protective gear to healthcare organizations across the country.

I have little money but have been running errands for family members and friends, especially grocery shopping. It may seem a small thing but it helps cut down the traffic in the stores if every single person in a friend/family group doesn’t have to go out or maybe can’t go out.

I helped organize a fundraising drive for remote Alaskan villages needing supplies and resources without compromising their populace. We garnered around $25,000 for rural communities.

My sister-in-law is stuck in a rehab facility (Richland Rehab) so I did a fundraiser on Facebook ‘Flowers for Kathe & staff…’ I contacted a small business (Woods Nursery) in Richland, WA and they had a huge shipment of yellow pansies. They put the order together and my nieces potted up the plants, adding little houseplant cuttings miss & bows. They will deliver 50 potted gardens today for their mother Kathe the residents & staff.

As he is not allowed to work right now, I pre-bought time from my tattoo artist, to redeem when he is able to work again. I’m hoping that enough of us are able to, so he can keep his business (Rabid Hands Tattoo) afloat through this difficult time. We are also buying takeout and delivery meals, as well as gift cards in some cases, from our local restaurants…it’s our effort to try and make sure they’re still there in the future.

Challenged the people of Sequim to sew 1000 face masks – I would provide kits which included fabric, lining, elastic & pattern – and would leave on my patio table for people to pick up. So far I have made over 200 kits – they keep disappearing! People are still bringing fabric and elastic to help out the cause. Challenge was so popular that city officials picked it up as their own and now promote it as their idea.

I donated to the “Rent Fund” for Seattle restaurant workers on GoFundMe. These are people I normally support by eating at restaurants, but I have been doing less of this. I also know there are dependent college students who may be particularly helped and I could very easily be in the same situation as them!

I donated to Food For Others which is supporting families in Fairfax County to receive food.

I’m donating to a local crowdfunding campaign, providing meals to our front-line healthcare workers; as well as coordinating assistance programs through my work.

I donated to Miriam’s Kitchen in Washington, D.C. They feed hundreds of people experiencing homelessness every day, and they have dug deep into their limited resources to house their workforce to prevent them from potentially spreading the virus across work/home boundaries. These tireless workers are a vital resource for the community they serve.

Donated to FnB restaurant (Scottsdale, AZ) employee relief fund. Donated to KUOW to support enhanced coverage.

My wife and I stood up a web site that coordinates seamsters, material donors and other coordinators/volunteers with healthcare professionals in need of masks. We built the site after hours in about 3 days and so far, just my wife’s team has donated over 400 masks in three days. We have hundreds of volunteers nationwide in just a week! It felt like the best way to utilize our web development and project management skills while we are sheltering in place here in Washington state. https://seamstressesunite.org is the web site and there is also a Facebook group of the same name.

Keep up the great work! We are all in this together and we’ll beat this virus. In the meantime, stay home, stay safe and wash those hands.

We also want to share that one of our IT employee gathered all of our old laptops and donated them to the Bailey Gatzert Elementary School in Seattle, a school where 80 percent of the students have no access to home technology.  This is a great example of helping out in our community, as the school year has been cut short in Seattle.

We’ll be sending out our mission patch stickers for as long as our supplies last! Thanks again for doing what you’re doing — it’s making a difference.

Stay safe out there.

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