Next up RL-5: An Electron launch with Canon Electronics

Our next mission, dubbed RL-5 – representing our 5th launch on a Rocket Lab Electron, is less than a week away. The launch window for RL-5 opens October 20th at 5:14pm ET.

The design of our mission patch highlights the “night vision” capabilities of Canon Electronics Inc.’s CE-SAT-IIB, a technical demonstration microsatellite that will add to its Earth-imaging satellite constellation. It also features the Sakura or cherry blossom, a symbolic flower of the spring and a very important a special flower for the people of Japan.

We’re coordinating the launch of Canon Electronics’ CE-SAT-IIB which has three cameras onboard with different resolutions, fields of view and sensitivities, which will demonstrate its capabilities by taking images of the Earth. It has a middle size telescope equipped with an ultra-high sensitivity camera to take night images of the Earth and small size telescopes, which are suitable for CubeSat use.


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