Next Up on the Pad: Transporter 6

Transporter 6 is coming up this month! With this one being arranged through our partners at ISISpace Group, we’re taking another batch of Kleos’ satellites to SSO. We’re pleased to have launched all of their satellites to date, and this launch will add four more smallsats to their constellation. 

Because of our years working together with Kleos to launch their spacecraft, this is a fairly routine mission for our teams. Processes run smoothly, as both teams know what needs to be done and how to get it done most efficiently. 

“Our long-standing relationship with Kleos enables us to work together efficiently and effectively, with requirements and deliverables well understood,” says Marcy Mabry, Principal Mission Manager for Spaceflight. “It allows us to, in some cases, reuse deliverables rather than start with a blank slate as would be the case with a first-time flyer.”

The Kleos constellation is bringing geospatial intelligence and data to a wide range of customers, including governments and commercial entities. With their growing constellation, they can detect and geolocate radio frequency transmissions from space to improve the identification of hidden and illegal activity, on land and at sea. Their unique RF (Radio Frequency) data and analysis from Low Earth Orbit enhances traditional GEOINT that can be compromised by weather, distance or maritime conditions. We’re proud to be helping them build their important constellation!

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