Mission: SXRS-5

We are in the final preparations for our SXRS-5 mission, called Transporter-2 by SpaceX, and wanted to share our latest assets about the upcoming launch. You can read the press release and discover our customers’ missions, as well as check out the infographic, a video of the deployment scenario, and the mission patch below — all which showcase how unique this mission is.

As an overview, we’ll be launching 36 customer payloads, including six microsatellites, 29 cubesats and one hosted payload to Sun Synchronous orbit no earlier than June 2021. We’re especially excited about this mission as it will be the first time we will fly two different orbital transportation vehicles (OTVs) and it’s the launch of the industry’s first-ever electric propulsion vehicle, Sherpa-LTE1. You may recall an earlier mission, SXRS-3, flew in January of 2021 and was the debut of Spaceflight’s first next-gen OTV, Sherpa-FX1.

The video below is a quick overview of the highlights of this mission.

Sherpa-LTE1 features an electric propulsion system from Apollo Fusion. After all payloads are deployed for this mission, our team will test some maneuvers of the Sherpa-LTE1 in preparation for a future mission. Our sights are already looking ahead: Spaceflight’s Sherpa-LTC, which features chemical propulsion from Benchmark Space Systems, will fly on another SpaceX mission later this year.

Stay tuned for photos of our customer payload integration campaign from our facilities in Auburn WA, a deeper technical dive on the Sherpa-NG program, and details on how to watch this important mission.

Mission patch for SXRS-5

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