Meet the SSO-A Integration Team!

It takes a solid team to execute  any successful large scale project  – it takes an AMAZING team to pull of a mission like SSO-A: The Smallsat Express! Luckily, we’ve got a top notch crew working in our Auburn Integration Facility to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

This team has been working day and night for months now, but are ramping it up further as we get ready for customer spacecraft to arrive for integration, and then for ultimate transportation to the launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. We wanted to highlight our Integration Team members who are all going the extra mile to make launch successful. Our customers will be getting to know many of them over the next few months as we ramp up to launch.

Jeff R., Mission Director and Program Manager SSO-A. Jeff is responsible for the execution of the entire mission. He’s the head coach keeping all the players on the team working on a shared goal.

Adam H., Mission Director. Adam is responsible for all assembly, integration and testing for the mission and launch site operations. He has technical expertise in a wide range of areas and oversees all the work the rest of the team is doing. Many of our customer have worked closely with Adam, and are familiar with his exemplary skills (and fantastic beard).

Chin S., Program Manager. Chin is a veteran program manager who manages a complex schedule and vendor deliverables. He coordinates the work on over 90 wiring harnesses of different designs and six avionics units. He manages the team’s activities on daily basis, keeping all the work running smoothly.

Leah S., Chief Electrical Engineer. Leah is responsible for all electrical engineering, including avionics and harness design – no easy task. She has her work cut out because of the number of deployment signals that need to sent in a mission on this scale.

Megan L., Lead Test Engineer. Megan is responsible for planning all system tests and all mission procedures. This has been an extraordinary task, as she needs to set up all these mission procedures from scratch, as this mission is unprecedented.

Micah F., Assembly, Integration & Test (AIT) Engineer. Micah writes all of the mission scripts which dictate the deployment order of spacecraft from SSO-A. He also runs the mission tests. This is a time-intensive processes – writing a sixteen-hour mission script that includes mapping signal from avionics to the correct separation system.

Angela T., Electrical Engineer. Angela runs mission tests with Micah, reviews procedures and harness design. She has had the steepest learning curve and ramped up fast, as she’s the newest member of our team, joining us only four months ago.

Frederic E., Production Technician. Frederic builds harnesses, does electrical re-work, and runs tests on the myriad electrical components required for SSO-A. He’s the veteran of the team, with many years of experience. We’re lucky to have him!

Jake L., Assembly, Integration, & Test (AIT) Engineer. Jake does the mechanical integration of spacecraft and also in charge of all mission documentation and orders for hardware. We have over 250 drawings for the mission and Jake must map all drawings to the right procedure.

Alex L., Assembly, Integration, & Test (AIT) Engineer. Alex is our “Jack of all Trades” on SSO-A, doing a little bit of everything, across many areas. He is adept at a wide range of mechanical and electrical work. He’s also the youngest of the team, and came on just six months ago.

Dan Q., Electrical Engineer (Contractor). Dan is responsible for the harness design for over 90 harnesses. He’s an amazing addition to the team and we couldn’t do it without him!

The team will continue to ramp up their efforts, eventually working 7 days a week when customer integration starts. We’re proud to have such an experienced dedicated team working for mission success for our customers!


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