Launch Prep for PSLV-C54

Our team hit the ground running for a whirlwind integration campaign for our next launch of the PSLV. It’s a pleasure to have the COVID pandemic restrictions in the rearview mirror, allowing our team to have a fast, efficient campaign. As we discussed in a previous blog post, this was a pretty routine one for our experienced team, and with an experienced customer, integration went quickly and smoothly. Our team was able to accomplish all their work, and still have time to check out the lovely sites around the Satish Dhawan Space Centre where PSLV launches take place. Stay tuned for more details about launch as the date gets closer!

We’re happy to be back in India to prep for the launch of PSLV-C54
The team enjoying some down time.
A great location for launches!
You need skilled hands for integration, and our team stays on top of their game.
Always a pleasure to support a launch campaign here.
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