It’s Time for Small Sats to Go Big

SXF9Yesterday we announced that we purchased a rocket. A whole rocket! This mission, which we have been internally referring to as “2017A”, is manifested entirely with small satellites. Back in 2010 when Jason and Curt started Spaceflight, few would have believed that just 5 years later the small sat launch demand would be so prevalent we could only satisfy it by buying an entire SpaceX Falcon 9.

This new concept of a Dedicated Rideshare Mission is really about infrastructure. The desperately needed infrastructure for routine, dependable access to space. Building a satellite only to have it stuck on the ground without an available launch opportunity is a tragedy. Imagine all the science and exploration we could accomplish with greater and more affordable access to space. Imagine the new commercial endeavors and markets that will exist once space-based goods and services become common. By establishing this new service, we’re enabling small sat customers to get off the ground in the pursuit of research, exploration, and commercial business.

We plan to expand the number and variety of Dedicated Rideshare Missions we offer in the future. We want to keep setting the bar higher, going further, and find new, innovative services and solutions that help our customers get where they want to go.

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