Happy Holidays from Spaceflight!

It all started innocently enough; we were getting ready to take the obligatory corporate Christmas photo. The girls were shivering in the 40 degree high bay and the managers were setting up the lighting. It took three short guys to plug the light into an overhead socket. Yes; all was normal.

The camera flashed a couple times as we gathered around the ESPA ring. Everyone clasped their hands in a professional manner and stretched their smiles wide.

Then a radical thought spread throughout the group – can we all fit inside of an ESPA ring? The hardware was just sitting there, glimmering in the bright light, practically begging us to attempt the feat.

One by one, we slipped through the ports and into the mammoth structure. Each person used a different method to slither through the holes, changing tactics as the inside got more and more crowded. The last was Kristina, who sacrificed her heels in order to wiggle her way inside.


It is possible, we discovered – Spaceflight Inc. can fit inside an ESPA ring!

The photographer took a few shots to commemorate our achievement, and we triumphantly returned to our work.

We hope your holiday is full of fun (and space hardware) as well!

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