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This was such an amazingly beautiful launch last week at Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. The Nusantara Satu satellite, SpaceIL’s lunar lander, and AFRL’s S5 experimental smallsat all were successfully launched from a SpaceX Falcon 9. We can’t get enough of these views.

Nusantara Satu Mission, Photo credit: SpaceX
Nusantara Satu Mission, Photo credit: SpaceX

And if you’re wondering what the stack looked like before it headed to orbit, this is it, top to bottom: SpaceIL’s Beresheet, Spaceflight Adapter System, S5 (not visible), Nusantara Satu.

Nusantara Satu mission stack just prior to encapsulation; Photo credit: SpaceX

Here’s the webcast video of the event too. Grab your popcorn, and enjoy it again. (How many times can you watch this? Asking for a friend…)

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