Employee Profile: Scott Schoneman

Meet Scott Schoneman, a key player on the Spaceflight team!

Photo credit: Sam Willard. http://samwillardphoto.com/

Q: What do you do for Spaceflight?
A: I’m the Chief Engineer for Mission Development and also a Senior Mission Manager. I look at what kind of technologies and capabilities we need for our future missions, including managing projects to support those goals. I also manage the interface with spacecraft organizaitons for several of our current missions, largely in support of US Government customers. And I’m the official ‘grey beard’ in the Launch group.

Q: What interests you about space?
A: I came to space from the rocket side of things. I grew up during the Apollo program and was always fascinated by launching rockets. But it’s also amazing what we are now able to do with satellites – very small satellites! – that totally changes how we live!

Q: What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?
A: I like to go boating – sail and power. I volunteer at the Center for Wooden Boats near the Spaceflight offices. I also just bought a wooden boat, so I think that will occupying much of my spare time! I also do improv, which is great fun and a great change of pace from the precision and focus we need to put things in space. With improv, I get to just make stuff up!

*Scott’s improv skills are impressive. Here he is as The Dude, hanging around the office.

Q: Star Wars, Star Trek or The Martian?
A: Star Wars. The original (aka ‘Episode 4’) I saw it at Gramman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood when it was first released. Major life event.

Q: If you were to mentor someone who wanted to do what you do, what advice would you give them?
A: Do and learn a variety of things that you enjoy – and have fun along the way!

Q: Would you interested in going to space someday?
A: Not particularly. I like it here on Earth.

Q: What’s one thing that most people at Spaceflight don’t know about you?​​​
A: I came up with the name for the Minotaur rocket (which is now a family of rockets built by Orbital ATK).

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