Customer Service in NewSpace

The new commercial space industry brings new challenges along with timeless ones faced by many businesses; in particular, providing extraordinary value and personalized customer service to customers. In the NewSpace industry, there is no such thing as a typical customer. They cover the spectrum from government agencies to small startups to large established corporations. No matter who they are, they have one thing in common: the need to get to space.

At Spaceflight, we view our customers as partners. We work with them to understand their goals and processes and adapt our services to support their initiative. From finding the right launch opportunity to planning and preparing for launch, to placing the satellite in orbit, Spaceflight provides personalized service to every customer.


Launch Identification

Spaceflight is a unique provider of launch services because we are launch vehicle agnostic, and this works to our customers’ benefit. We work with a wide range of domestic and international launch vehicles which gives us flexibility and a unique ability to get our customers to space as efficiently as possible.

Mission Logistics

Once Spaceflight has found the ideal launch for a customer, the mission planning begins. There are distinct challenges to launching domestically and internationally, and Spaceflight navigates our customers through all of them.

Every mission is unique, from planning for launch, to transportation to the launch pad, to getting the spacecraft approved for launch, the situation is rarely recurrent. The regulatory landscape is unique for every spacecraft, launch range, and launch vehicle. We have experience with many vehicles and understand how to navigate each situation. With Spaceflight focused on the required logistics, our customers are free to focus their attention primarily on their spacecraft.

Technical Support

Spaceflight provides services to customers in all stages of spacecraft development. When Spaceflight engages with customers, some have spacecraft that are fully built with testing completed, while others are still in the early phases of design. No matter what the customer’s state of development, Spaceflight ensures that the customer development and test plans will meet requirements for launching on their mission.


We consider it our responsibility to ensure that customers have the information they need as early as possible, and ensure that no one is surprised by new information. We realize that getting to space is a difficult and expensive endeavor. Spaceflight removes hidden costs by either covering items such as insurance during integration and transportation, or alerting customers to potential required additional costs, such as permits required for hazardous material transportation.

Kristen Smithson, Customer Management

So what is the most important part of the service we provide to customers in commercial space? Kristen Smithson, Manager of Launch Services, sums it up on one word, “Responsiveness.” She adds, “Our customers are coordinating many efforts to ensure their spacecraft are ready for launch. There’s a lot on the line, so if they ask a question, even if we don’t have a full answer – telling them what we DO know and where we are in the process of finding out the remainder of the answer, is a better than waiting to tell the full answer.”

Our mission at Spaceflight is to make access to space easy and affordable. A huge part of that mission is supporting and educating customers as they navigate the obstacles of getting to space. We strive to provide a white glove service to any customer, from their idea for a spacecraft to post-launch support. This level of customer service is just one of the ways we’re changing the commercial space game.

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