CORTEX Avionics Complete Space Qualification

We have successfully completed the full space qualification of our CORTEX avionics line.  CORTEX avionics are built in slices, each slice is enclosed in a thin aluminum frame containing the Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) card and a flex harness terminating to one or more external connectors. The PCAs conform to the CubeSat form factor and are available in a wide range of Models suitable for most any space application. The slices are modular to allow for the customer to mix and match certain cards to define a custom architecture. CORTEX avionics have a mission design life of 3 years at low Earth orbit.

The qualification program included

  • Shock testing
  • Random Vibration testing at 17.9 grms (non-operational), 4.27 grms (operational)
  • SEE Radiation Testing up to 37 MeV
  • TID Radiation analysis up to 15 krad
  • Thermal Vacuum testing from -30 to +60 degrees C (operational), -40 to +70 degrees C (non-operational)

All CORTEX cards undergo board level test and check-out and all integrated flight units undergo acceptance testing including random vibration, thermal cycling and complete comprehensive functional testing prior to delivery to verify workmanship

CORTEX avionics are a robust, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) avionics solution for small satellites and spacecraft and are now available as space-qualified products in the Spaceflight Industries product line.


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