Convoy: On the Road to the SSO-A Launch

We are getting very excited for our upcoming SSO-A mission as we move into final preparations. Integration of the dozens of spacecraft at our Auburn facility has been a busy few weeks but all went smoothly. Then, we crated up the integrated stack and hit the road to Vandenberg Air Force Base. Our attentive team followed several trucks as they made their way down, making sure that temperature and environment for the spacecraft was optimal.

The assembled stack has now traveled by road 1,075 miles (1730 km) from Seattle. It will travel another 357 miles (575 km) to reach its targeted orbit. So we could say that the longest part of the journey is over…the more exciting part is still to come!


Now that they’ve arrived at the base, work continues with some final integration. All eyes are looking ahead to launch later this year!





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