Awards for Spaceflight!

It’s been a big year for Spaceflight! We’re on track for a record number of launches for us in one year, and the industry has noticed. We’re pleased to report that we’ve received some recent awards and want to share a few of the highlights.

Our SSO-A Launch

Our latest award is a Laureate Award from Aviation Week for Launch Services in the Space Category. These awards honor extraordinary achievement in the global aerospace arena. For our launch services, this award recognizes that “Spaceflight Industries has created a new way to deliver small satellites to space by allowing government and commercial operators to share the ride.” 

The Laureate Award is just the latest. We were nominated for Small Satellite Mission of the Year by AIAA’s Small Satellite Technical Committee for our historic SSO-A mission last December. We are also a finalist for SpaceNews’ Awards for Excellence and Innovation, in the Company of the Year category and Breakthrough of the Year for SSO-A. 

Our CEO Curt Blake has also received multiple awards for leading our company and breaking new ground in the industry. The Puget Sound Business Journal named him as an Innovator of the Year. These awards recognize the most forward-thinking and creative individuals from the Puget Sound region. 

Our Fealess Leader, Curt Blake

At Satellite 2019, it was announced that Curt was a finalist for Via Satellite’s Satellite Executive of the Year. He was nominated along with an impressive list of titans in the industry. He was also recognized as being one of Seattle’s Most Influential People by Seattle Magazine. The magazine noted, “Under Blake’s leadership as chief executive officer of the company’s rocket-launch and rideshare subsidiary, Spaceflight will have overseen some 23 rocket launches ferrying 226 satellites into Earth’s orbit or beyond by year’s end.” There’s a reason Spaceflight has captured 70% to 80% of the rideshare market. 

While it’s been a big year, 2020 promises to be even bigger. More launches, more historic missions. Stay tuned as we continue to reach for the stars!

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