Ilan Ramon Conference: Microsatellites Galore

Set along the beautiful Mediterranean coast in Tel Aviv, the Ilan Ramon conference was a wonderful experience for Spaceflight. We were excited about our first conference in Israel and ready to learn, meet new people and enjoy the amazing hospitality of the Israeli conference organizers. Since this was our first trip to Israel, we were … Continued

Happy Holidays from Spaceflight!

It all started innocently enough; we were getting ready to take the obligatory corporate Christmas photo. The girls were shivering in the 40 degree high bay and the managers were setting up the lighting. It took three short guys to plug the light into an overhead socket. Yes; all was normal. The camera flashed a … Continued

SmallSat Industry 2013 – The Turning Point

What a year for the small satellite industry!  Launching spacecraft through rideshare or “piggy back” is not a new concept, but in 2013, it became mainstream.  Records for the number of payloads on one launch vehicle were set and broken within days of each other. 29 satellites were launched on a Minotaur and three days … Continued

Skybox Small Satellite Images Superior to NASA Legacy Program

Yesterday, Skybox Imaging, a commercial company in Mountain View (CA), released the first images from SkySat-1, crisp, clear and astonishing photos with details as small as car colors easily visible. The resolution is high (sub-one-meter) for any satellite, but small size of SkySat-1 makes it even more remarkable. SkySat-1’s high resolution images are clearer than … Continued

Watching Launches at Work

At Spaceflight, we get pretty excited about rocket launches. More launches mean more opportunities for small satellites, like the ones we integrate, to fly! So, though we already stream most launches, SpaceX’s SES-8 launch grabbed all our attention last week. Last Monday, although no one admitted it until T-20 minutes, most of us were streaming … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Spaceflight team.
Our blog will officially be up and running in December.

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