Launch Vehicle Separation Systems 101

Building a satellite is a costly and difficult endeavor. Getting that very expensive and sensitive payload safely on orbit is the next step. That’s where we come in. And once we get them to orbit, we need to separate them and send them on their way. So, we work with our customers to identify the … Continued

Dedicated Rideshare: What It Is, How It Works, Why It Matters

By Curt Blake, President of Spaceflight (Portions of this post first appeared in SatMagazine, April 2016 issue) Spaceflight works with launch vehicle providers across the planet, offering capabilities to launch cubesats, microsats and telecommunications satellites, and everything in between. Our customers can choose to hitch a ride on a launch to popular destinations such as … Continued

Why the GSA Deal Matters

In the rideshare industry, launch opportunities come and go as fast as a Groupon deal. Even locating a launch opportunity can be as mysterious as locating the Amazon Treasure Truck. Having worked at Spaceflight now for almost four years, I have seen many launches pop up and slip away because the contracting process for our … Continued

Cyber Monday – Huge Appreciation for Small Sats

This time of year we typically reflect on what we’re grateful for, and at Spaceflight, we’re grateful for you – our friends, family, customers and fellow space enthusiasts. We’re thankful for all of the people that have connected with us, believed in us, launched with us, and generally supported us in our mission to deliver a … Continued

To the Moon!

It is not every day that you can say “we just procured launch services for 12 satellites to low earth orbit – oh and by the way, one of them is going to the MOON”, but that is what we just did.   You maybe saw the big announcement today that explains it all: “Israel-based … Continued

It’s Time for Small Sats to Go Big

Yesterday we announced that we purchased a rocket. A whole rocket! This mission, which we have been internally referring to as “2017A”, is manifested entirely with small satellites. Back in 2010 when Jason and Curt started Spaceflight, few would have believed that just 5 years later the small sat launch demand would be so prevalent we could … Continued

Life at Spaceflight (Engineering – Part 2)

When the business side of the launch campaign ends, the engineering begins. In the previous post, we showed how a microsatellite finds a launch through Spaceflight. Engineering is very involved in this process. However, once a launch is found and the contract is signed, engineering takes the lead, guiding the launch campaign from contract signature … Continued

Life at Spaceflight (Engineering)

As an engineer, no days at Spaceflight are ever dull. We’re involved in every part of the company’s services, from determining a spacecraft’s ideal launch to actually integrating that spacecraft onto the launch vehicle. Engineers are involved in the process from the moment a spacecraft developer contacts Spaceflight about potential launches. In this example of … Continued

Global Space & Technology Convention (Day 2)

Our second day at the conference began with a cross-city trip to a local Singaporean university to see a CubeSat payload. The tiny payload, which should fit inside a 1U CubeSat, is a technology demonstration of an entangled photon experiment. Seeing the facilities and equipment was very exciting. Usually we get involved with CubeSats once … Continued

Small Satellite Innovation in Asia (GSTC Conference Day 1)

The day dawned hot and partly cloudy in Singapore, where Spaceflight is currently attending the Global Space & Technology Convention. This year’s conference theme is “Advancing the Asian Space Hub.” An excellent introduction to the theme was presented in the “Asia Pacific’s Needs in Space” panel, which featured representatives from Asian space agencies and industry. … Continued

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