Astra-1 Prepares to Lift Off!

Spaceflight will be taking three organizations’ spacecraft to orbit on its maiden flight with Astra.  Dubbed “Astra-1,” our dedicated mission is planning to launch out of the Pacific Spaceport on Kodiak Island Alaska. The first launch window opens today, Monday, March 14, at 9:22am PT. It will carry payloads from NearSpace Launch, Portland State Aerospace … Continued

Astra Announces Multi-Launch Contract and First Launch with Spaceflight Inc.

First launch of new partnership expected no earlier than March 14 ALAMEDA, CA/SEATTLE, WA—MARCH. 14, 2022—Astra Space, Inc. (“Astra”) (NASDAQ: ASTR) and Spaceflight Inc. (“Spaceflight”), the leading global launch services provider, today announced a multi-launch contract. The first launch under this contract is planned for today, March 14, 2022, with a window opening at 9:22am … Continued

Spaceflight Inc. Named one of Via Satellite’s 10 Hottest Companies for 2022

Spaceflight’s Sherpa-NG OTV program also a finalist for the publication’s 2021 Satellite Technology of the Year award SEATTLE, February 22, 2022 –  Spaceflight Inc., the leading global launch services provider, today announced that it was named one of Via Satellite’s 10 Hottest Companies in Satellite for 2022. The company’s Sherpa-NG orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) program … Continued

Spaceflight Inc. Selected by NASA to Support Future Dedicated and Rideshare Missions

Spaceflight to provide launch services for VADR missions for science and technology payloads SEATTLE – Jan. 27, 2022 — Spaceflight Inc., the leading global launch services provider, was selected by NASA to provide launch services for the agency’s Venture-Class Acquisition of Dedicated and Rideshare (VADR) missions. Spaceflight and 11 other companies selected will support missions … Continued

Customer Profile: VZLU & Spacemanic

Czech Aerospace Research Centre Partners with Spacemanic to Launch the Organization’s Second CubeSat In support of its mission to provide scientific support, bring innovative solutions to the aerospace industry, and become an internationally respected research and development center, the Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLU) is anticipating a launch later this month that has been years … Continued

SXRS-6 Mission Update

Update: Feb 24, 2022: UPDATE: Happy to report the 10 customer spacecraft initially scheduled to fly on Transporter-3 in January on our Sherpa OTV have all been re-manifested to fly on upcoming missions. While change is the one constant in the industry, dealing with it is our specialty. President and CEO Curt Blake added, “One … Continued

Georgia Tech Cubesat to Launch on Upcoming MDS-1 Mission

Professor Glenn Lightsey is giving his Georgia Tech students a unique education as they prepare their CubeSat, GT-1, for launch. Spaceflight will be taking the payload to space as part of the MDS-1 mission in December, its first mission with Mitsui Deployment Service (MDS), with spacecraft deploying from the International Space Station (ISS) via Japanese … Continued

Customer Profile: SPiN

True to its name, German startup Space Products and Innovation’s (SPiN) endeavors to “spin in technology and concepts from outside the aerospace industry” to improve satellite manufacturing. The company is working to apply one such concept, plug-and-play simplicity, to satellite manufacturing and sub-system integration in order to save customers time and money in spacecraft design … Continued

Customer Profile: NASA / The Aerospace Corporation

NASA’s LLITED mission was funded by a grant awarded to The Aerospace Corporation through NASA’s Division of Heliophysics in the Science Mission Directorate and selected for flight by the agency’s CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI).  The LLITED mission consists of two 1.5U CubeSats designed, built, and operated by The Aerospace Corporation. The payloads will ride to space … Continued

SXRS-2: We’re Taking BlackSky to Space (Again!)

We’re gearing to take our long-time customer BlackSky (NYSE: BKSY) to space again. This time, we’re managing all launch and mission management for two BlackSky high-resolution, multi-spectral Gen-2 satellites on board a SpaceX Starlink mission lifting off early December. We’ve dubbed it our SXRS-2 mission.  The Falcon 9 launch is scheduled to lift off from … Continued

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