SSO-A: Deployment Status

Now that the launch is in the rear view mirror a couple months, we thought we’d take one last look at the deployment status. As a quick review, SSO-A is the record-setting small satellite rideshare launch from the US, launching 49 cubesats, 15 microsats, and two free flying spacecraft carriers.  Spaceflight launched SSO-A successfully on … Continued

SSO-A SmallSat Express Wrap Up!

SSO-A SmallSat Express is an Outstanding Success! December 3, 2018 was a historic day for Spaceflight and SpaceX!  Spaceflight successfully launched 64 customer spacecraft to orbit, and SpaceX flew a rocket for the third time and landed the booster successfully on a barge in the Pacific Ocean.  The launch was picture perfect with the Falcon … Continued

A Word from SSO-A Mission Director Jeff Roberts

Are you ready for the most exciting and innovative rocket launches of the year?  Because that is what the space community will experience with the launch of Spaceflight’s Smallsat Express! The Smallsat Express, also called Sun Synchronous Orbit mission A (SSO-A) is the first dedicated rideshare mission on a large rocket like the Falcon 9. … Continued

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