A Mission Manager’s Log: Quarantine in New Zealand

Our team goes to great lengths to serve our customers, and even a global pandemic won’t stop them. In New Zealand, where our upcoming Rocket Lab launches will take place, getting through the border has been extremely difficult because there are few opportunities to book your MIQ (Mandatory Isolation and Quarantine) stay.  For example, the … Continued

SmallSat Webinar: Sherpa OTV Capabilities and SXRS-5 Results

Join us (virtually) at SmallSat2021 for a live webinar Aug. 10 at 11am PT about our next-gen Sherpa program. We’ll be sharing how the modular design of our Sherpa program enables our engineers to quickly customize the OTVs with different propulsion systems and subsystems to deliver highly varied capabilities to meet customers’ unique needs for … Continued

SEOPS-3/NG-15: Mission Success!

Sometimes the time from launch to getting a customer’s satellite on orbit is a crazy whirlwind of minutes or hours…and sometimes it is a slow burn of several months. Such is the case with our SEOPS-3 mission, which began its journey back in February, with the launch of Northrop Grumman’s Antares rocket, with three Spaceflight customer … Continued

Integration Wrap Up for SXRS-5

Integration in Auburn for the SXRS-5 mission is complete! Our payload integration facility, located in Auburn WA (about 30 minutes southwest of Seattle), has been extremely busy the past few weeks. We hosted many customers, ranging from experienced repeat flyers to newcomers, at the facility to integrate their microsats, cubesats and hosted payloads. It is … Continued

Customer Profile: Aerospacelab

Aerospacelab is all about making decisions based on evidence. A relative newcomer to the commercial space arena, the company started in 2018 and has grown substantially since with the goal of being the European leader in Geospatial Intelligence and small satellite platforms. Once their Earth-observation satellites are on orbit, they will use artificial intelligence and … Continued

Customer Profile: Orbit Fab

Orbit Fab has a mission unlike any other. They see a thriving in-space market for products and services that support both existing space businesses (communications and Earth observation) and new industries like space tourism, manufacturing, and mining. To bring this vision to life, they plan to provide satellite propellant on orbit, or as they call … Continued

Get Ready for RL-7

It’s almost launch time for mission RL-7, called “Running Out of Toes” by Rocket Lab. This is our seventh mission with Rocket Lab, and the Electron launch vehicle which will carry two 55-kilogram class BlackSky smallsats to low Earth orbit. We took a peek behind the scenes of integration to see what it looks like … Continued

Mission: SXRS-5

We are in the final preparations for our SXRS-5 mission, called Transporter-2 by SpaceX, and wanted to share our latest assets about the upcoming launch. You can read the press release and discover our customers’ missions, as well as check out the infographic, a video of the deployment scenario, and the mission patch below — … Continued

Success for RL-6

We couldn’t be happier to have another successful launch in the books. Despite some early stormy-looking skies on March 22, #RL6, also known as #TheyGoUpSoFast, lifted off from Rocket Lab’s LC-1 launch complex. The mission included the launch of Rocket Lab’s 100th satellite, and also the launch of our customer BlackSky’s latest satellite in the … Continued

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