Our 50th Launch!

We are coming up on our 50th launch! It is hard to believe that we’ve launched nearly 450 spacecraft on 50 missions in our 10+ year history. We’re proud to have the most experience orchestrating launches and in-space transportation in the business, from our first launch on a Soyuz, to our next mission on an Electron … Continued

Qualifying Testing Complete on Sherpa-FX

It has been a big week here for Sherpa! After completing vibration qualification testing at NTS’s Santa Clarita facility, Sherpa-FX is now a qualified vehicle. This test campaign took the vehicle to vibration levels beyond what it would experience in a launch environment. It qualifies the Sherpa-FX design, giving Spaceflight, our customers, and launch vehicle providers … Continued

Sherpa-LTE Propulsion Pics in Space are LIT

We couldn’t be prouder of our Sherpa OTV, which debuted in 2021 and has been a real game changer for our customers. We thought this would be a great time to show off some of the photos from Sherpa in space, including  what we believe is the first-ever image of a thruster firing in space.  … Continued

Just Released: Sherpa Payload User’s Guide

We’re happy to report we’ve released the first version of our Sherpa Payload User’s Guide, a resource for customers seeking information about how the Sherpa family of Orbital Transfer Vehicles (OTVs) can help deliver their satellites to specific destination orbits while benefiting from the cost effectiveness of rideshare missions. Spaceflight has flown three Sherpa OTVs … Continued

A Year in Review

As 2022 gets rolling, we want to take a minute to celebrate a fantastic 2021!

Benchmark Adds Propulsion to Sherpa-LTC

Benchmark Space Systems is a leader in providing cost-effective propulsion systems for smallsat missions: it was a natural fit when we were looking for the most cutting edge propulsion systems for our Sherpa orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) program. Besides a natural fit as far as technical experience, there is a shared outlook and culture that … Continued

A Year End Message from CEO Curt Blake

Another year is in the books. 2021 was quite a ride, and we’re so proud of our team’s accomplishments during another exciting year. We wanted to reflect on the year and thank all our incredible partners, customers, and employees for everything they do to make us successful.  Among the noteworthy accomplishments of the year, the Sherpa-NG program … Continued

Customer Profile: Umbra

We are deep in the preparations for mission SXRS-6! One of our valued customer payloads on board is Umbra-02. Umbra-02 is the second commercial satellite of an initial planned 24 ​​Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite constellation for Umbra: the first, Umbra SAR-2001, launched in June 2021 on our SXRS-5 (SpaceX’s Transporter-2) mission.  Umbra is making … Continued

3 Launches in 30 Days, Plus 1 More to Close Out 2021

We’re closing out 2021 with a flurry of launches. After signing a multi-launch agreement to launch BlackSky satellites at the beginning of the year, Spaceflight supported three successive launches for the provider of real-time geospatial intelligence in the past 30 days:  .  RL-8: On November 18 (UTC), Spaceflight managed a dedicated launch for two BlackSky … Continued

Sherpa Acceptance Vibe Testing: Success/Complete

We hit another critical/important milestone as we prepare for our next mission with our latest generation Sherpa-OTV, Sherpa LTC. We conducted testing on the primary Sherpa structure, the Configurable Annex Base (CAB), putting it through environmental testing to clear its use for flight on SpaceX’s Transporter-3 no earlier than January 2022. The completion of this … Continued

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