Launch Prep for PSLV-C54

Our team hit the ground running for a whirlwind integration campaign for our next launch of the PSLV. It’s a pleasure to have the COVID pandemic restrictions in the rearview mirror, allowing our team to have a fast, efficient campaign. As we discussed in a previous blog post, this was a pretty routine one for … Continued

New BryceTech Infographic on OTVs

It’s no secret we’re big fans of orbital transfer vehicles (OTVs). They are the workhorses that are taking smallsats to precise orbital destinations and are building the growing infrastructure of space. We think they are going to play an even bigger role in the developing space economy.  We’re happy to share a recent BryceTech report that … Continued

Next on the Launchpad: PSLV-C54 

Our team is just arriving in India for our next launch! We’re happy that the cadence of PSLV launches has resumed after some lighter-than-normal pandemic years. The PSLV is a terrific launch vehicle (LV) for many of our customers, and we’ve taken many payloads to orbit on it.  In fact, because it has been such … Continued

Kindai University’s SpaceTuna1 headed to ISS onboard NG-18: The S.S. Sally Ride

We’re taking fish to the International Space Station (ISS). Well, SpaceTuna1 to be more precise.  SpaceTuna1 is a 1U CubeSat developed by Japan’s Kindai University students to run an experiment to investigate the performance of retroreflective materials in space by using the satellite. Founded in 1925, Kindai University is one of Japan’s largest universities with … Continued

Spaceflight Open House Recap

Our new place is now official! We were so thrilled to show off our new place at our recent open house. It was also a celebration of getting our team together under one roof. The logistics of moving our integration facility and equipment (including one ginormous crane for spacecraft) into a space with offices on … Continued

We’ve Moved!

We’re writing from our new digs! Spaceflight has moved to a new location that accommodates both our business offices and our integration facilities, and more than DOUBLES our footprint.  It was a long search for a place that could offer both needs. (Prior to this, we had our integration facility in Auburn, WA which is … Continued

Unique New Missions: Filling Up Fast!

We are proud to be the leader in providing end-to-end rideshare missions for customers, and getting payloads to orbit as cost-effective as possible. Lately, we’ve seen a significant demand for custom orbits and less common inclinations – and wanted to highlight a few of these exciting new missions that you can book today. If you’re … Continued

Our 50th Launch!

We are coming up on our 50th launch! It is hard to believe that we’ve launched nearly 450 spacecraft on 50 missions in our 10+ year history. We’re proud to have the most experience orchestrating launches and in-space transportation in the business, from our first launch on a Soyuz, to our next mission on an Electron … Continued

Qualifying Testing Complete on Sherpa-FX

It has been a big week here for Sherpa! After completing vibration qualification testing at NTS’s Santa Clarita facility, Sherpa-FX is now a qualified vehicle. This test campaign took the vehicle to vibration levels beyond what it would experience in a launch environment. It qualifies the Sherpa-FX design, giving Spaceflight, our customers, and launch vehicle providers … Continued

Sherpa-LTE Propulsion Pics in Space are LIT

We couldn’t be prouder of our Sherpa OTV, which debuted in 2021 and has been a real game changer for our customers. We thought this would be a great time to show off some of the photos from Sherpa in space, including  what we believe is the first-ever image of a thruster firing in space.  … Continued

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