Art in Space: Launching Trevor Paglen’s Orbital Reflector

Our customers launch satellites for lots of reasons.  Some are doing earth observation; some are doing GPS tracking; and still others are conducting scientific experiments.  One of our unique customers is launching a satellite meant to inspire and motivate everyone to keep an eye towards the sky.

Our customer, Nevada Museum of Art, is leading an effort in collaboration with artist Trevor Paglen, to launch an Orbital Reflector that will be visible from the ground.  It is basically a public sculpture and is meant to be seen by everyone.  Following its launch and deployment in space, Nevada Museum of Art and Trevor Paglen will hold viewing parties to bring people together to look up at the night sky, remembering that we all live together on this one little planet.  If you can’t attend a viewing party, our customer is also partnering with the sky-watching app Star Walk 2, which can send you a notification anytime the Orbital Reflector passes over your location.

Through this satellite, many people will hopefully become more inspired to be a part of STEAM – Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics!  Bringing together art and design with the traditional STEM fields inspires a new age of innovation and connection. The Museum plans to create lesson plans that educators can download from the project website,

If you want to learn more or become a part of this innovative artistic idea, check out their Kickstarter page. Through your support, you’ll have the opportunity to receive actual Orbital Reports or even mission patches.

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