A Message from Spaceflight President Curt Blake on the FormoSat-5/SHERPA launch

One of our biggest, and most valued, differentiators in the market is that Spaceflight is dedicated to providing our customers an array of launch options to meet their deployment needs. Never has this come into play more than it did these last several weeks.

Here’s the challenge: Getting to space is hard. All launch vehicles experience delays and failures – and this pain is felt by the entire launch industry – no one is spared. On the flipside, when launches happen (like many have recently), it’s cause for all to celebrate. Revolutionizing commercial space is hard, but it’s exactly what we all signed up to do.

We applaud the work that SpaceX has done, and is continuing to do on behalf of the industry. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see them solve some of the toughest challenges of our time and always look forward to working with them. However, they recently communicated their 2017 manifest and the impact on the Formosat-5 mission is significant. We learned our launch would occur potentially much later than expected. (As a secondary rideshare on this mission, our control of the schedule is far less than when we’re the primary like on our SSO-A dedicated mission later this year.)

Our response: Our job, first and foremost, is to satisfy our customers’ needs to get into space as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. While delays are inevitable in the launch business, we made the decision to rebook all our customers slated to launch on the FormoSat-5 mission.

The result: We found each of our customers an alternative launch that was within the same time frame. It took a huge effort, but within two weeks, the team hustled to have all customers who wanted to be rebooked confirmed on other launches!

This flexibility and access to other LVs, the standardization of technology, and the expertise of our team is indeed the “secret sauce” of Spaceflight. Because we work with many launch providers around the world, we can give our customers the most options to meet their needs. I am incredibly proud of our team. They worked tirelessly with all our launch partners to rebook our customers so quickly. Our customers can be sure that we will always go above and beyond to fulfill our commitment to get them to space.

Onward and upward,

Curt Blake

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