Employee Profile: Daniel Gillies

Meet Daniel Gillies, Mission Director at Spaceflight. Q: Describe what you do for Spaceflight.  A: I’m the Mission Director for our SSO-A mission, which will be Spaceflight’s first dedicated rideshare mission. This mission provides a huge opportunity for small satellites – from 1 kg to 100’s of kg each to get into orbit at rates … Continued

Transporting Your Satellite to the Launch Site

Before your satellite can be integrated into a launch vehicle, it has to get to the launch site. Transporting a satellite is a little more complicated than sending a package via UPS. It’s just one of our areas of expertise that our customers rely on. “Throughout our years of launching with domestic and international launch … Continued

Honoring Our Veterans

  At Spaceflight Industries, we honor and celebrate all veterans, today and every day. We are especially proud of our own veterans (and if we’ve missed you, let us know!): Robert Cahn, Air Force John Hanna, Air Force Nick Merski, Air Force Adam Hadaller, Marine Corps                

Ground Control to Major Tom: The Debut of Spaceflight Networks

By Jason Andrews, CEO Spaceflight Industries We all read regularly that launching satellites is the bottleneck to the smallsat revolution – organizations are struggling to find cost effective, routine, and timely options to get on a desired orbit. We understand that; it’s one of the reasons why we started Spaceflight and created the market for … Continued

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