6U Solar Panels Complete Qualification Program

Spaceflight Industries (Spaceflight) today announced that they have successfully completed space qualification of their new 6U solar panel. This qualification effort extends the qualified power systems products for small satellites applications beyond batteries and satellite power management to now include solar panels. The solar panels provide a simple power generation solution for 6U CubeSat form … Continued

Life at Spaceflight (Engineering – Part 2)

When the business side of the launch campaign ends, the engineering begins. In the previous post, we showed how a microsatellite finds a launch through Spaceflight. Engineering is very involved in this process. However, once a launch is found and the contract is signed, engineering takes the lead, guiding the launch campaign from contract signature … Continued

Life at Spaceflight (Engineering)

As an engineer, no days at Spaceflight are ever dull. We’re involved in every part of the company’s services, from determining a spacecraft’s ideal launch to actually integrating that spacecraft onto the launch vehicle. Engineers are involved in the process from the moment a spacecraft developer contacts Spaceflight about potential launches. In this example of … Continued

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