Global Space & Technology Convention (Day 2)

Our second day at the conference began with a cross-city trip to a local Singaporean university to see a CubeSat payload. The tiny payload, which should fit inside a 1U CubeSat, is a technology demonstration of an entangled photon experiment. Seeing the facilities and equipment was very exciting. Usually we get involved with CubeSats once … Continued

Small Satellite Innovation in Asia (GSTC Conference Day 1)

The day dawned hot and partly cloudy in Singapore, where Spaceflight is currently attending the Global Space & Technology Convention. This year’s conference theme is “Advancing the Asian Space Hub.” An excellent introduction to the theme was presented in the “Asia Pacific’s Needs in Space” panel, which featured representatives from Asian space agencies and industry. … Continued

Spaceflight Industries Cargo Module Power Unit Provides Power for Payloads Bound for the International Space Station

Spaceflight Industries (Spaceflight) announced that their Cargo Module Power Unit (CMPU) was used to supply power to payloads aboard Orbital Sciences Corporation’s (NYSE:ORB) Cygnus™ cargo logistics spacecraft, which recently  delivered of 1,260 kilograms of supplies, equipment and scientific experiments to the International Space Station for NASA under the Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract. The CMPUs … Continued

Ilan Ramon Conference: Microsatellites Galore

Set along the beautiful Mediterranean coast in Tel Aviv, the Ilan Ramon conference was a wonderful experience for Spaceflight. We were excited about our first conference in Israel and ready to learn, meet new people and enjoy the amazing hospitality of the Israeli conference organizers. Since this was our first trip to Israel, we were … Continued

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